Eunmi Lee and Ziqing Chen received NJCCR Postdoctoral Fellowship

Eunmi Lee and Ziqing Chen, two postdoctoral fellows in the Kang lab, were awarded the NJCCR postdoctoral fellowships.

Eunmi joined the lab in 2019 after completing her BS and MS degrees at Kangwon National University in South Korea and her graduate study at Medical College of Georgina. She is currently studying immune microenvironment in mammary gland and early stage of breast cancer development. 

Ziqing joined the lab in 2021 after completing his undergrauate and master's studies at Shanghai Ocean University and Shanghai Jiaotong University, as well as a graduate training at Krolinska Institutet.  He is studying the impact of diet on mammary tumor initiation, progression and therapeutic response. 

Eunmi Lee Photo

Ziqing Chen