Open Positions and Opportunities in the Kang Lab

Postdoctoral Fellows

Postdoctoral positions are currently available in our laboratory to study the molecular basis of cancer metastasis. We use molecular cell biology, genomics and proteomics, and mouse genetics to study genes and signaling pathways that regulate the multi-step process of breast tumor initiation, progression and metastasis.

Major areas of research in our laboratory includes: identification and functional characterization of metastasis genes using both xenograft and genetically modified mouse models, analysis of tumor-stromal interactions in cancer progression, pre-clinical evaluation of anti-metastasis therapeutics, non-coding RNAs in mammary development and breast cancer, EMT and cellular plasticity during development and metastasis, molecular characterization of mammary gland stem cells and their link to breast tumor initiating cells.

We welcome highly motivated candidates with a Ph.D. degree in the field of molecular cell biology, cancer biology, developmental biology, genomics or genetics. Experience in cancer biology or mouse developmental biology are preferred but not required. Interested applicants need to submit a brief statement of research interest, curriculum vitae and list of references.

The laboratory has currently have particular interest in recruiting postdoctoral fellows with experience and expertise in immunology and genomics/computational biology. 

Graduate Students

Our laboratory does not admit graduate students directly. Everyone must apply for admission to the Department of Molecular Biology or the Quantitative and Computational Biology Graduate Program through the Princeton University Graduate School. Once a student gets here he/she can rotate in any professor's lab. Students do three rotations to get a feel for potential labs for PhD work and at the end of the first year, they choose a dissertation advisor.

Our laboratory usually takes 1-2 graduate students for Ph.D. dissertation research each year. If you are interested in the lab, please contact Prof. Kang for an appointment to discuss your background and research interest before submitting your request for laboratory rotations. Priority for joining the laboratory for thesis research will be given to students who demonstrate a superior learning ability, strong work ethic and self-motivation, excellent collegiality, and outstanding performance in gradute courses. Students who are interested in joining the lab are encouraged to take MOL523: Molecular Basis of Cancer to enhance their background knowledge in cancer biology, during their first two years of graduate study at Princeton.

Undergraduate Students

We accept ~2 undergraduate MOL major students from each Princeton class for independent senior thesis research in our lab. Most undergraduate students join the lab in the sophomore years, and also spend two summers in the lab through the departments' Summer Research Program. Many undergraduate students made significant contributions to the research projects and become significant co-authors of major research papers. If you are interest in joining the lab, please contact Professor Kang by email and include a copy of your resume and an unofficial Princeton transcript. Priority for joining the laboratory will be given to students with prior research experience, genuine interest and a strong commitment in research, and excellent grade in relevant science courses.

Note: We currently do not have position available for class of 2021 and 2022.

High School Students

Due to the high demand of prior laboratory research experience and biosafety levels of our research projects, we currently do not accept high school students for research in the lab.


No position open at this time.